Welcome to our Neurodevelopmental Brain & Behavior Laboratory

What We Do

Our work explores the effects of environmental stressors (e.g. maternal/neonatal infection, psychogenic manipulations, drugs and other neurotoxicants) on the developing brain. We also have a particular interest in evaluating factors that offer neuroprotective and/or rehabilitative potential (e.g. environmental enrichment, maternal care, pharmacological agents) against early-life adversity.

Lab Rats

Those interested in working in the lab (i.e. post-doc, graduate or undergraduate positions) should contact Dr. Kentner by e-mail ([email protected]) and include a current Curriculum vitae along with a description of their research interests.  Preferred undergraduates include those who have taken (and done well in!) at least one of Dr. Kentner's courses: BEH341 (Biological Psychology), BEH457 (Drugs & Behavior), or BEH454 (Stress & Illness).

Amanda Kentner

Amanda (Mandy) Kentner is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences in Boston Massachusetts. She earned her PhD in Experimental Psychology at the University of Ottawa, Canada, focusing on sex differences in depression and brain stimulation reward. Current research involves the neuroprotective/rehabilitative role of the environment on health and behavior following perinatal inflammation. She also earned a clinical research certification and consults on good clinical practice (GCP) principles and regulations, in addition to study design, in human participant research.

Jenny Nguyen

Jenny is a Doctor of Pharmacy candidate and also works as a Pharmacy Technician at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital. She is interested in how exposure to chemical endocrine disruptors in early life alters gene expression in the developing nervous system. 

Morgan Sullivan
Morgan is a second  year Premed-Health Studies Major in the physician assistant pathway. Morgan's research is focused on perinatal inflammation, environmental enrichment and sexual behavior. She became interested in this work because of her love of psychoneuroimmunology which she learned about in her Stress & Illness class!
Walker Daniells
Walker is a Pharmacology & Toxicology Major working on his fourth year internship here in our lab. Walker is interested in the underlying changes of the microbiota following neonatal inflammatory challenge and how this impacts the brain and pain processing.

Stephanie Scalia

Stephanie is a third year major in the Pharmacology & Toxicology program investigating social behaviors following environmental enrichment housing. She is working with us as a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow (SURF).

Junyoung Shin
Jun is a third year student in the Pharmacology and Toxicology major exploring how perinatal inflammatory challenges disrupt olfactory communication and social interactions. 


Karen Nunez - MS Pharmacology '16

Clinical Research Associate at Alliance Research Centers, San Diego CA.

Siyang Yan MS Pharmaceutics '16

Laboratory Technician at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston MA

Molly MacRae - BS Premed '16

Emergency medical technician and researcher at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center for Leukemia, Boston MA 

Erika Queiroz - MS Pharmacology '16 (supervised by Dr. D. Albers)
Researcher at Boston Biomedical, Cambridge MA

Urma Khan - BS Health Sciences '16

Nursing program at Northeastern University, Boston MA

Shelby Pillsbury - PharmD '15
Pharmacist, CT

Tiffany Macrina - BS Health Psychology '16

Occupational Therapist, CT

Eric Connors - BS Health Psychology '14
Clinical PhD Psychology program at Alliant International University, San Diego, CA
Megan Small- BS Premed '14
New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine (NYCOM)

Contact Information

179 longwood avenue boston